Isles Poetry Awards

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Poetry Awards


The Isles Poetry Association provides awards for poetry.  The awards are presented each year.  The awards include the GoodSAMARitan Press Award - The Isles of Myst Award - Certificates of Merit  - and election to the GoodSAMARitan East Academy.    -  email 



Submission must be by email to  jeromevbrooke  at  yahoo  dot  com.  There is no reading fee.

I, People of the Llano / Carol Hamilton


I, People of the Llano  is available from Amazon Books.



Carol Hamilton has been awarded honors by the Isles Poetry Association.

Chapbook Publication


The GoodSAMARitan Press publishes a series of On Demand chapbooks.  Standards are available from  railang  at  yahoo  dot  com.  All chapbooks will be considered for for award.  Chapbook publication, however, is not required.  The Press also publishes fiction in a Partial Subsidy series.

Isles Academy


Members of the Isles Academy are welcome to nominate other poets for award.